Whats the deal with your Thyroid?

Are you or someone you know suffering from difficulty losing weight (especially with diet and exercise changes), brain fog or mental clarity, feeling cold all the time, constipation or dry skin?

Are you frustrated with doctors saying your labs look fine or normal, but you don’t feel that way?  

Are you already taking thyroid medication, but your labs are normal and your symptoms have comeback?

We’re here to listen and talk about your options for treatment, as well as give you a true,in depth analysis of how to address symptoms by the root cause.  


Many people in our society are experiencing these types of symptoms, but have no idea it could be related to the thyroid gland. According to the research, women are 5 to 8times more likely to develop low thyroid symptoms, and many of those cases go untreated. In fact, the American Thyroid Association even reports that 60percent of the population remains undiagnosed. There are many different methods to treating low thyroid function, not just one. Come see how integrative medicine can address your symptoms, not just labs.


The following are symptoms that can be associated with low thyroid function:

·     Fatigue

·     Difficulty losing weight

·     Dry or flaky skin

·     Cold hands or feet

·     Intolerant to cold temperatures

·     Brain fog or difficulty concentrating

·     Depression

·     Constipation

·     Muscle aches

·     Low libido

·     Memory loss


The following are symptoms that can be associated with high thyroid function:

·     Weight loss

·     Fatigue

·     Heart palpitations

·     Excess sweating

·     Trouble sleeping

·     Anxiety

·     Irritability

·     Increased frequency of bowels


Does an underlying thyroid issue affect you?

Complete the following questionnaire and see for yourself.


Thyroid Self Test- Answer yes/no to the following questions:

1.    I am often tired or easily fatigued

2.    I gain weight very easily

3.    I have difficulty losing weight despite exercise & diet

4.    I have cold hands and/or feet

5.    I have dry skin

6.    I have brittle nails

7.    I have difficulty concentrating

8.    My hair is thinning or falling out excessively

9.    I am irritable or even depressed

10.  My libido is low

11.  The outer 1/3 of my eyebrows are thinning

12.  I have had a change in my voice

13.  I experience constipation (less than 1movement daily)

14.  I experience muscle aches and pains

15.  I have irregular cycles (females)

16.  I cant seem to remember things



If you answered yes to:

0-3: You are at low risk of hypothyroidism but would benefit from nutrition changes, lifestyle modifications and supplements.


4-7: You are at moderate to high risk of hypothyroidism. You would benefit from comprehensive lab analysis/ advanced thyroid testing.


8+: You may beat high risk for hypothyroidism. Thyroid should be addressed via advanced thyroid testing including antibodies and possible medication if aggressive lifestyle modifications and supplements do not work for symptoms.  


If you would like to discuss the results of your questionnaire with Dr. Patel, please book your free consult here to start feeling better!







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